Video recorded by Árni Grétar in Sellátranes, Patreksfjörður (2011).

Directed by Björgvin Ottósson

Shot by María Rún Jóhannsdóttir & Björgvin Ottósson

Edited by Björgvin Ottósson & María Rún Jóhannsdóttir

Think written and produced by Árni Grétar
Vocals and lyrics by Guðjón Heiðar
Vocals recorded by Jónas Snæbjörnsson
Mixed by Smurfen
Mastered by Bix

We've been told all our lives that we work towards progress
But our value system has been derailed in the process
How is a man who kicks a ball worth more than a village
How can a brand be worth millions just because of it's image
How's every human not sacred and protected by others?
Is it really just a dream to live as sisters and brothers?
We've been blessed with our senses and remarkable talents
But technological advances are still subject to patents
But if we do have the skill and we do have the hunger
Then in 2012 we won't stand for this any longer
We won't stand for bombs dropping on people to save them
Won't stand by watching cops beat protesters and spray them
Won't stand to see Bradley Manning locked in a booth
While TSA agents masturbate to us nude
We're sick of the excuses, sick of the abuses
Sick of the confusing rhetoric that you use
You may think you have the power and there's nothing we can do
But you're deluded to think your wicked plans can come true
You're counting on the masses to stay passive and quiet
But there's a flood coming your way, not even you can deny it
We will not remain idle, or become suicidal
We will fight for survival, our courage is vital
We must each become a beacon of truth and compassion
That radiate throughout the world our unique expression
Use the internet, it's our window of opportunity,
find friends and family, mobilize the community
Expose the bankers, who control the federal reserve
These monopoly cheaters, should get what they deserve
but we must not be vicious just for the sake of vengeance
after all, all we really want is independence
Even though I know it would be sweet like Hershey's
when their institutions crumble, they'll be at our mercy
But unlike the vicious tyrants of olden times
We will grant it, cause we have the love inside
We have the vision, not to stoop to their level
I don't know what that is I guess you can call it the devil
But just remember, no matter how much you've hated them
We can not solve our problems, with the same level of consciousness that created them - Guðjón Heiðar.

(c) Möller Records 2012.