Spoof-around #1: Árni Grétar

Árni Grétar talks to us about bacon-snack dating, Helga Möller and his passion for dancing in our first Spoof-Around video, which is dedicated to the films of mr. David Lynch.
interview-editing: Hallur Orn Arnason
camera: Bjorgvin Sigurdarson
"When I was asked to do the videos for Snoop I decided to do something different than the usual “talking head“ type video-interview. Although we will also have the more traditional setup for some of our videos, we wanted to come up with a format that would make the videos where we had more time with the interviewees more special. What we ended up with was to spoof, directly or indirectly, the masters of cinema hoping to add an extra sense of narration to the videos and to better exploit the creative talent of the Snoop-around crew in the process. These are The Spoof-Arounds. My hope is that you´ll enjoy these videos half as much as we’ll enjoy making them."
- Hallur Örn Árnason